This school is paving the way for the innovators of the future.
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Bold Biz: The Dwight School

We speak with Stephan Spahn, America’s longest-serving chancellor, and get his input on how to future-proof education. He’ll tell us why he thinks we should change our K-12 education and how he thinks his advice can positively benefit U.S. business

Posted by BoldTV on Monday, February 5, 2018


As technology develops, the world evolves. Because these developments can impact impressionable minds, education needs to adapt. Traditional schools are trying to find a way to incorporate changes in technology and lifestyle to their curriculum in hopes that it will “future proof” the state of the American school system.

The Dwight School

The Dwight School is led by America’s longest-serving chancellor and boasts Alumni like Yara Shahidi, Truman Capote and Vin Diesel. The school is focused on ideas about how to transform education and make it adaptable to the world. 

Rather than priming students for jobs in the present, the school is mainly concerned with equipping students for future jobs, incorporating a student-centric model. Through this new strategy, students focus the majority of their attention on creative ventures, including their own. In fact, many students have gone on to create their own businesses, nonprofits and startups.

The Dwight School is run by Stephen Spahn, who has been at the school for 50 years. Spahn believes the modern, digital age is an “educational enlightenment” where more people with transferable skills are being born. “The acquisition and application of education in combination with technology is never before seen,” says Spahn. He uses the example of a girl who came into his office and declared that she wanted to be the head of the military. “The capacity to innovate, to be curious, to stimulate, goes back to the point that a new mindset has been born.”


At the Dwight School, students design their own projects, which they can then turn into businesses or socio-economic ventures as social entrepreneurs. The next generation of leaders will need an education that gives them these tools to succeed. 

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