Lyndsay Christian and Joy Adams brunch their way to gendered and racial empowerment
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Bold Biz: How Can You Be Bougie & Bold?

Lyndsay Christian TV & Joi Adams, CoFounders of The Bougie Bunch joined #BoldBiz to tell us all about their networking events for women of color. #BoldTV

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

What does the BB Group do?

Lyndsay Christian and Joy Adams are all about empowering women of color. They speak at panel discussions, mixers, and they even have a bougie brunch to discuss what it means to be women of color. They chose BBG as their title because they wanted to reappropriate the word “bougie” (which tends to mean superficial and shallow) and retool it as a way to say “camaraderie,” “women’s empowerment” and “sisterhood.”

How this all got started

The idea was formed on Christian’s birthday when she happily realized that she felt cared for and in a safe space. She queried the group, and others actually felt the same way. That was where the idea came from to create the network BBG. “Let’s start a brunch movement,” Christian said when Adams and she first came up with the idea. Last June, the BB group hosted a group of 50 women. “It just took off from there,” Christian said. It’s a function that brings women together, helps their self-esteem (especially due to the penchant for America to actively lower it) and shows them that they are loved and worthy of love.

“Is a Bougie Brunch coming up?”

“One is coming up!” both Christian and Adams said in excited unison. “We actually have two coming up,” Christian added. Next month, there will be a Bougie Brunch in Houston, Texas as well as one in New York City on Aug. 11 at Clyde Frazier’s Wine & Dine. The meeting at Clyde Frazier’s Wine & Dine will mark the BB Group’s sixth brunch.

How do we get involved?

Christian started off by saying anybody can follow the BB Group on social media (@BougieBunch_BBG), and the tickets to the events are sold on  

“Why is diversity important?”

Playing devil’s advocate, Bold Business anchor David Grasso asked the founder of the BB Group why diversity is important anyway. “Without diversity,” Adams said, “we go flat. We don’t have the full picture of what reality really is.”


Diversity is one thing that our country always bemoans the lack of, in rhetoric, but does hardly anything actionable to effect change. Not so with these two women, and their Bougie Brunch network. They are fighting against a racist, sexist (and many more “ists”) system, but they teach everyone that, even if it appears futile, it never hurts to try to make a difference for the better.

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