Many people want to be leaders but don’t know where to begin.
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Bold Biz: 'Leadership Step by Step'

We sat down with the author of 'Leadership Step by Step' to get some tips on becoming a more effective leader!

Posted by BoldTV on Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Leadership takes consistent practice, self-awareness and the ability to manage emotions to inspire others. You may be surprised that these “keys” come from internal spaces. Take it from the monks: “master yourself, master the enemy.” While many people are eager to find out what leaders did to get to the levels they have reached, many are left hanging because while leaders give advice, they don’t leave the page. The simple truth? Being a strong leader is more about internal qualities than a job title.

Leadership vs. authority

Joshua Spodek is the author of “Leadership Step By Step,” a book designed to give potential leaders a guidebook to activate their best shots. “I want to distinguish between people with authority and people who lead,” he said. “Leaders are people who behave in ways that make you want to follow; if you can get people to do things that motivate them, they’ll want to follow.”

Authority can bring the opposite effect; many people are not eager to follow authority because it doesn’t come from a genuine place of leadership. Superiority is not defined by only a job title; it is defined by actions and connection. Spodek reminds us to “understand yourself, lead yourself, understand others, lead others.”

People feel comfortable sharing what their passions are. If you follow the script, people will feel comfortable sharing what they are feeling. Leadership Step By Step provides 22 tips and guiding references to master yourself. Each chapter opens with a story demonstrating a leadership skill, then guides you through the process of developing it.

So, if you are a young person at a company, how do you become a leader? “You start with simple stuff,” Spodek said. Think about Carnegie Hall — you don’t just start playing an instrument in front of thousands of people. You start by first mastering and owning your craft.

If you disagree with someone at your company, try reconciling with them. True leadership is seeing things from another person’s perspective. The people who disagree with you are the hardest to empathize with. “People above you in a company, people who are mean to you, figure out how those relationships work,” Spodek said. That is the true challenge.


Leadership is much more than a title or job description. It goes deeper than that. It is a genuine connection with people, leading to them feeling inspired by you. A strong leader doesn’t force it down your throat, but rather inspires you through mastering themselves first.

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