Bold Business sits down with Bardi Toto to discuss her new book “The Power Of Asking”
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Bold Biz: Bardi Toto Discusses "The Power of Asking"

Bardi Toto Drake – NY Times Author The Power of Asking discusses her new book, "The Power of Asking: Creating All That You Want"!

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What Is “The Power Of Asking?”

The reason Bardi Toto wrote the book “The Power of Asking” is to answer those who have asked her how she has accomplished what she has. How she has been on Forbes Magazine, on television, etc. In short, how she has attained all of her success. Toto’s answer is: Through asking. “If you think about it,” Toto said, “asking is a form of gratitude. When you ask, you are allowing someone to give back to you.” Toto submits that in U.S. culture, we are raised not to ask, that it is crude or inappropriate. But if you do not ask, then you do not get. We all deserve the life that we want, especially as 2019 approaches, Toto went on to say.

How should we approach people for “asks?”

Just do it! Most people will say “yes” to you because somebody had said “yes” to them. It is really all mindset. It is about doing it even if you are afraid. It is about doing it afraid! A lot of us have a problem receiving. We don’t feel like we deserve it.

How can we handle rejection without falling apart?

As far as a “no” goes, Toto said that she has never had anybody tell her “no.” Just engage with people. Don’t look at people as what they can do for you, but what you can do for them. If they say no, try again, and revisit the situation and the person later. And it is not what you say but how you say it.

What is your 15-second piece of advice?

It is “do it afraid.” Ask, ask, ask! Put yourself out there. I don’t say these things to impress people but rather to impress upon them. “But all of the amazing things that have happened to me, all of my success, is because I have asked, which is a form of gratitude. And I keep saying that. Implement asking and gratitude in your life. But don’t come across as sales-y. Because if you come across as sales-y, then nobody is going to want to do business with you,” she said.


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