Doug Melville, chief diversity officer of TBWA North America, discusses the company’s new initiative to connect agencies with diverse vendors
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Bold Biz: Doug Melville Talks TBWA's New Initiative

Doug Melville, Chief Diversity Officer of TBWA North America, discusses the company's new initiative to connect agencies with diverse vendors!

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Tell us about your work

“I’m a chief diversity officer at TBWA … I work on all aspects of the business as relates to our clients, making sure their messaging is inclusive of the audience who they sell to and where the messages are shown. We work with our clients to ensure that our messages are in tune with the audiences and with the marketplace. I also work on our environment at the agency to make sure that people feel culturally connected. The third part [of my job] is supplier diversity. That is what One Sandbox is about. A lot of times people don’t realize how many people we hire to make media art or commercial messages — casting, set designers, producers and designers. People who don’t work full-time with the company. But we can’t find all of them. A lot of things in the creative industry are built through relationships. So, One Sandbox is a place to register your creative business if they are being traditionally under-served like women and people of color. Register your business to One Sandbox, and we have 10 different ad agencies and we are getting more every day to register as corporate members to be able to look through all these vendors and hire them out for their commercial-making process. This is a way to bring economic value to people who operate and control their own businesses. One Sandbox is a search engine to allow people to find businesses that might have been historically looked past. Fifty-two percent of every business in America is owned by a woman or business of color. But they only get 6 percent of the money — 94 percent of every dollar that is spent by a company and goes to a company goes to a white male. I’m also an entrepreneur myself, so I like to think of this venture as more of an intrapreneurship.”

Tell us what intrapreneurship is

“I had an idea at my company to start a talk show in the lobby. I had this idea that we could bring in a person of note and interview them … That was how we started intrapreneurial thinking around diversity. Making and creating things and seeing how they develop within the company.”

Who were some of the influencers you interviewed?

“Well, It is called ‘The Disrupter Series,’ and we had Al Roker on. He was one of our first guests. Snoop Dogg, and the President of Mexico as well. We do it in a fun environment, and the whole Madison Avenue community comes out to watch. We had the Broad City girls on, too. We do something called the Jury Test [to ensure diversity.] If you were doing Jury Duty and there were 40 people in the room, does that look like the 40 people in the company? We’re really passionate about that, and it has been going really well.”


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