Twenty percent of the class of 2019 already have jobs lined up for when they graduate. How can you utilize the rise of early job offers to your advantage?
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2019 graduating class proactive in the job market

20% of 2019’s college graduating class already have jobs lined up. What does this mean for employers?

Posted by Gen FKD on Saturday, June 23, 2018

Dreading the pressure of trying to get hired in your senior year of college? Well, that pressure is coming sooner than expected. A new survey from Yello shows that 20 percent of the class of 2019 already have full-time jobs lined up for post-graduation … which is an entire year away. As a current student, this might sound like a statistic to be worried about. But if you use your time in school and the school itself to your advantage, you can secure a job before graduation and have enough time to decide if it’s the job for you.

Start your job search process early

One of the main reasons many of us attend college is to get a full-time job in the career of our choice. Getting a job after college should be a process that you start as soon as possible. Many students try not to think about this aspect of college until the last year. Starting the job hunt early doesn’t mean you have to apply for jobs four years from now. You’re researching potential jobs and fostering relationships with companies in which you have interest. Start your research by looking at all of the potential careers your major can provide. Find the companies and jobs that interest you and research everything about them. Contact them about your interest. Ask the company about potential internships or if they are recruiting at your school for a job fair.

Just because you’re not a senior doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend a job fair. Events where recruiters come to your school are a great opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential employer. Letting them know who you are, your major and your year will help when you can apply for the job. They will have a relationship with you because you won’t be just some random candidate with a degree. Think about it like this, if two applicants are evenly matched for the same job but one of the applicants has a relationship with the company, then that applicant will have a stronger chance at getting the job.

Use your school’s resources to your advantage

With the report of the class of 2019 already having job offers, recruiters will have to be coming to college campuses more frequently to cater to a larger range of students. That means your college will be hosting a plethora of career-focused events for you to attend. Remember, your school wants to see you succeed just as much as you do. But it’s you who needs to take advantage of the tools your school provides. Make sure you exhausted your school’s career services resource for looking for available internships and jobs. You also can talk with a career services specialist for free and get assistance in getting your dream job. Most career services departments even have workshops that focus on your resume and cover letter. With more students getting jobs and opportunities early, there will be more career-centric events and visits from companies. It’s up to you to utilize this increase in resources.


You need to cast the widest net possible while in school in the search for jobs. You want to meet, talk to and connect with as many companies, experts and peers as possible because you never know who’s going to connect you to your career. Starting your career search early in college is only going to give you more opportunities to meet and connect with others. Make your school work for you by going to job fairs and meeting with a career specialist. Being a student in college is an enriching experience socially and educationally, but it’s even a more rewarding experience resource-wise.


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Posted 06.20.2018 - 11:00 am EDT