Drew Dudley, author of “This is Day One,” sits down with Bold TV to discuss his new book
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Bold Biz: Drew Dudley, Author "This is Day One"

Drew Dudley, Author of "This is Day One" sits down with Bold TV to discuss his new book.

Posted by BoldTV on Monday, August 27, 2018

The book

Drew Dudley’s book, “This Is Day One,” is all about figuring out what your leadership behaviors are, and then embedding them into your life every day. Dudley said that at the university level, all students want to read books about other people leading. With his book, Dudley teaches “how to live your personal leadership” instead. What the book does is allows people to feel that what they do everyday is leadership — “and when you get more of those people in an organization, you get a better organization,” he said. Dudley is not arguing that everybody can be a CEO, but that there is a form of leadership to which everyone can and should aspire “and this is how.”

Many people don’t believe that leadership is a part of their life. But Dudley’s argument is that leadership is in the big things and in the consistent things. And the book shows what those big, consistent things should be in the reader’s life. Dudley said that people, for their jobs, will often prioritize who they want to be for what they need to do on their to-do list. He believes those things should be reversed.

The book discusses how to shift your core values into questions, which can then be answered through your work. “Any plan that you create that only works when you are having a good day or when you have extra time is a lousy plan,” Dudley said.

You can’t lead others until you lead yourself

Many people in leadership positions, Dudley said, believe that they have moved beyond the “day one” process. But what happens when they go through the process is that they realize “they haven’t moved beyond it, but they have skipped over it.” Dudley compares the process to the process of getting clean from alcoholism. “Every day is day one,” Dudley said, “because if you treat every day like it is day one” you stay committed, humble and forgiving. Every single day, we all start at the same point when it comes to leadership. Dudley said he wants to make sure that “the guy who sweeps the floors and the cashier and the bus driver and the middle manager all recognize that they can choose every day to engage in behaviors that make them act and feel like leaders.” The book was written to show people how to do just that.


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Posted 09.27.2018 - 09:00 am EDT