The WynCode Academy helps people stand out and provides the means, the know-how and the skills to do so.
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Bold Biz: What Are The future of Tech and Jobs?

Johanna Mikkola, CoFounder of Wyncode Academy joined #BoldBiz to tell us all about their venture to help spread tech and coding awareness for the youth at Wyncode Academy! #BoldTV

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

What exactly does Wyncode do?

Wyncode Academy is a coding academy that helps people find their dream career, explore and understand new technologies, and guide them toward these aspirations. WynCode Academy primarily focuses on web-development and UX product design (which they have been doing since 2014 in Miami, Florida). David Grasso, Bold Business’ anchor, and Mikkola, are both from Florida. Grasso claims that Florida is kind of a technological black hole right now, to which Mikkola points out that “[WynCode] Academy is working to change that.” Wyncode Academy can also brag about their 91 percent job placement rate. They currently have more than 600 coders employed to them who are working as developers and UX product designers.

The WynCode academy works with 250 companies, most of them located in South Florida. At the WynCode Academy, employees have a chance to get educated and acquire some hard skill sets. Mikkola has witnessed New Yorkers come to Florida’s WynCode Academy just to learn these skills. She also has seen Floridians learn the skills they need to succeed, and then move to places like Silicon Valley to work with their newly learned skills.

We need more coders!

Mikkola said she read a study that predicted that there would be 1.6 million new tech jobs available by the year 2020, and that only 400,000 people would be qualified to occupy those positions. “We all learn to read and write,” Mikkola said. She believes that very soon coding and developing will be just as critical to learn in the formative years of schooling as, say, reading.

How long is the course, and how does it work?

The program is 10 weeks long, and what they do is “take people and turn them into web developers and UX product designers.”

How’d you end up opening a coding school?

Mikkola, who is originally from Finland, moved to Miami and decided to use her background in corporate management to create a business. Her motivation: She really wanted to be somewhere “where [she] could have a positive impact and build something from the ground up.” She chose Florida. According to Mikkola, opening her business was “the best decision of [her] life.”

What does a student in your program look like?

The program is colloquially called coding bootcamp, Mikkola said, and that’s because it is intensive because you’re pushed to your limits and because it takes a whole lot of discipline and tenacity to get through the program and come out the other end as a developer or UX product designer. “It’s morning to evening,” Mikkola added. “It’s a full-time job.”


Mikkola, in conjunction with her company WynCode Academy, is trying to shake things up. When you think Miami, you don’t usually think of coders. You think of people with their shirts off on the beach. Mikkola aims to show that the tech industry is alive and well in Florida. Or, if it’s not, at least she is pioneering the movement.


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Posted 07.07.2018 - 10:00 am EST