The significance of emotion in business is undervalued, but it could be the key to greater productivity — especially across cultures.
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Corporate America can be a suffocating environment, and a hard one to express yourself in. However, being vulnerable may be more useful in corporate settings than we realize. The power of being yourself is actually a strategy that is now being capitalized on.

Vulnerability In Business

“Vulnerability makes you courageous,” says Barry Kaplan, author of “The Power of Vulnerability.”

We all have a power in us, and being vulnerable is one of the keys to unlocking it. One example is when an employee has a bright idea that could benefit the corporation he works for but is too afraid to express that idea for fear of being ridiculed. Corporate America doubles down on this because of the pressure it puts on its employees.

“Vulnerability inspires trust,” Kaplan said. It is a sentiment shared by Andy Swann, the author of “The Human Workplace: People-Centered Organizational Development” as well as the founder of All About People. It’s quite a simple message — when people thrive, companies thrive too. Therefore, you should always treat your workers well and inspire individuality.

For millennials, it is important to be aware of workplace discrimination and equality. Everyone needs a workplace where they can express themselves freely. It is vital for them to accomplish their best work every day.


Though vulnerability in business is usually perceived as a weakness, it can actually be a strength. Tapping into your vulnerable side in the workplace can be beneficial for both you, your place of employment, and your employer. It will make you more comfortable, and more productive as well.


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Posted 04.29.2019 - 11:25 am EDT