Millennials have too much student debt to consider buying their own home. But there are options to make renting a place more accessible.
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After living in dorms for college, it’s hard to imagine how difficult it can be to find a place to live post-grad. This serves as a true wake-up call for most. Finding something that’s in your budget, in the right area, and which is decent can be tricky. Millennials on the post-grad housing hunt are largely renting places rather than buying homes. This can be attributed to paying off student debt, or not being employed immediately upon graduation. Although the struggle is definitely real, there are ways to rent that fit within your budget.

Millennials’ relationship to housing

Due to student debt, most millennials move back home with their parents — 26 percent of all U.S. college students say they plan on moving home. An average student today has at least $11,475 of student debt. This debt makes it hard to get a mortgage loan. Former students are either moving back in with their family or renting, but they are not buying homes yet. Millennials are spending more on renting than other generations. The amount spent on rentals by millennials is increasing with every year. New graduates also are flocking to city centers across the U.S. in hopes of finding post-graduate housing as well as employment in their field.

How do you find affordable post-grad housing?

Entering the housing market, even if you are just renting, is stressful. When I moved to New York City last August, I did not know where to start. I was not sure what was a good deal on an apartment and what was not. To help preserve your sanity, there are ways to make your apartment search easier. The company Triplemint is working to make the process of buying, selling or renting much more accessible to those looking. Triplemint is a technological and transparent retail firm in New York City. Their service includes personalized searches as well as an increased amount of property listings. Their website is very user-friendly and makes the search for a place seem less daunting. They also offer personal and catered help to every client, and are dedicated to finding you the perfect apartment that fits within your budget.


Finding post-grad housing can be very overwhelming, especially for millennials dealing with paying off student loan debt. But for those who do not wish to move back in with their parents, you might consider  giving Triplemint a shot. Using this site makes it easy to search within your budget and to schedule appointments to view a place. The company practices transparency by giving every user access to information and market data in order to ensure that every user is completely informed so they can make the best housing decision possible.

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Posted 03.27.2018 - 10:00 am EST