SocialCoaster is using influencers as advertising to reach more people with better results than traditional advertisers.
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Bold Biz: Socialcoaster

Socialcoaster Digital Agency is opening up the advertising business to 'social influencers' for products that need new ways to reach customers.

Posted by BoldTV on Thursday, September 28, 2017


Millennials continue to abandon old forms of media, leaving companies to figure out how to get our attention back. With rates of cord-cutting increasing and newspaper sales declining, traditional forms of advertising don’t have the reach they once did. Advertisers are now turning to influencers for access to their wide reach and large numbers of followers.

SocialCoaster seeks to help companies achieve the reach they need by exclusively focusing its efforts on influencer advertising. Their relatively narrow focus on exclusively influencer marketing is their way of responding to the change in demographics. People spend an average of an hour and 40 minutes on social media per day, and two-thirds use ad blockers, meaning that the easiest way to reach consumers is by directly using the people they follow to market the product.

Millennials trust the people they follow to give them advice, so when they see influencers talking about a product, they are likely to try that product. A study found that people trust influencers as much as their own friends — 92 percent of consumers trust word of mouth and recommendations from friends and family. Advertising using influencers helps directly reach a large audience with a trusted face and brand that people are likely to care about.


Advertising with influencers is a better way to reach audiences. As old ways of reaching people are going out the door, influencers are an easy way to reach large audiences. A study by TapInfluence and Nielsen Catalina Solutions finds that influencer marketing shows 11 times the return on investment over other forms of digital marketing. Influencer marketing also tends to be cheaper to produce, and consumers find it more authentic. Social Coaster is using their focus on influencer marketing practices to optimize their advertising for our changing times.

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Posted 09.29.2017 - 12:30 pm EDT