Want to learn how to tread dangerous waters, who better to ask than a shark?
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Bold Biz: The Original Shark

The original shark from Shark Tank joins #BoldTV to give us some entrepreneurial tips.

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, August 15, 2017


This week on Bold TV, Original Shark Tank investor, inventor of the infomercial and pioneer of the As Seen on TV industry Kevin Harrington speaks about changes in the marketing industry, his new book, what drives his success and the importance of giving back to your community.

Harrington has been a successful entrepreneur over the last 40 years. In addition to pioneering the rise of As Seen on TV marketed products, he also has created more than 20 businesses that have grossed more than $100 million in sales each, and he has launched more than 500 products, which together have generated more than $5 billion in global revenue.  

The secret to success? Helping others

You’d think after so many years of entrepreneurial success, Harrington would be satisfied to sit back on his laurels and rake in residuals, but that’s not the case. When asked what drives him, he said, “If you want everything in life, help enough people get what they want, and then it’ll come to you.”

It makes sense that a salesman would say that success depends on giving people what they want, but Harrington is more than just talk when it comes to helping a new generation of entrepreneurs find success in their own pursuits.

“After many years of building my business and being more entrepreneurially involved with myself, now I’m working with organizations like the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO), a nonprofit based in Tampa, Fla. with programs for mentoring entrepreneurial college students,” he went on to say “I’m a mentor and an advisor, and I really like giving back to the entrepreneurial community.”


Starting a business takes not only drive and determination, but also a willingness to learn from the people who came before you. But in order to learn, there have to be people willing to teach. Community-minded business practices help ensure that the next generation of innovators and creators will be able to achieve as highly as they can.

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Posted 08.22.2017 - 10:00 am EDT