Following through on goals is a weakness for many. It doesn’t have to be that way.
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Your Best Year Ever

Everyone makes New Years resolutions, so we sat down with Michael Hyatt, author of 'Your Best Year Ever' to find out how to make and achieve our goals!

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Everyone knows we rarely achieve our New Year’s resolutions. But setting goals and striving for self-improvement are a big part of our culture. Humorously, but perhaps unsurprisingly, people often will reuse the same resolutions for 10 years in a row, failing to accomplish them at all. So says author Michael Hyatt, author of “Your Best Year.” He knows the simple act of a resolution isn’t actually a viable way to achieve a goal. Then how do we get there?


Hyatt offers some good advice. First, he suggests we start to set goals by writing them down. A big issue is that people’s goals are too broad. We have to know exactly what we want. Writing, Hyatt says, gives us clarity and certainty. Goals in writing look a little more real, and we’re more likely to follow up on them.

Additionally, we shouldn’t fall victim to safe, easy goals. Something a little risky and out of your comfort zone will make you feel “fear, uncertainty and doubt,” Hyatt cautions, but that’s how you’ll know you’re on the right track.

Hyatt also recommends we set “habit goals.” These are activities done on a regular basis that may, among other things, serve to strengthen our relationships or improve our health. This is pushing back against those sometimes lofty, overly general goals that won’t get accomplished.


Going into a new year is traditionally a time when people plan to reinvent themselves. However, those plans are often forgotten or delayed. Some simple tips that will keep you persevering include these: write down your goals, make them a little outside of your comfort zone, and aim for specific habits you want to cultivate. A newer, better you is not that far off if you’re willing to work for it… and set goals.

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Posted 01.24.2018 - 01:00 pm EST