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Bold Biz: Secure My Social

Concerned about the recent Equifax hack? We discussed the situation with the CEO of SecureMySocial.

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Oversharing on social media can cause all sorts of headaches. From losing your job, getting burgled or causing harm to someone, the consequences of sharing what you’re not supposed to on social media are catastrophic. SecureMySocial uses real-time technology to warn its users if they’re posting something that might be problematic.

The recent Equifax breach shows how harmful it is for people to have their information available online. SecureMySocial warns people about the “business, legal, regulatory, physical and human risks of social media.” While the information in these posts may not be negative, it can lead to headaches in ways that aren’t obvious at the time of posting. Examples given include commenting on a competing product or saying that somebody is out of town.

SecureMySocial tells users in real time whether that post will be problematic before it’s posted. Minimizing risks from social media is important today. Avoiding unwanted information exposure through a social media post is crucial. SecureMySocial’s system was designed by a team of “psychology, cybersecurity and engineering experts.


Social media can be a gateway to share information with friends and family but can be taken advantage of for nefarious purposes. All of the information that you share can have consequences. Whether the fallout causes harm or loss of employment, no one wants to suffer negative consequences due to social media. SecureMySocial serves as a gatekeeper to keep information safe.

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Posted 09.15.2017 - 11:00 am EDT