Producing sustainable activewear out of recycled materials, Rumi X aims to inspire mindful consumers.
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Bold Biz: Rumi X

Get in shape while caring for the environment with RUMI X! A environmentally friendly active wear brand with clothes made from recycled plastic bottle and upcycled coffee grounds.

Posted by BoldTV on Thursday, November 9, 2017


Clothing for active people is a huge industry, but anyone who has their eyes on the fashion industry knows that its practices aren’t always environmentally friendly. Understandably, our options for sustainable activewear are limited.

Rumi X

Enter Rumi X. The company’s founder, Melissa Chu, describes her business as an “eco-conscious activewear brand” that produces clothes out of materials such as plastic bottles and coffee grounds. These might seem like odd choices, but when you consider how plastic pollutes the earth and how coffee grounds make for a garment with odor-resistant properties, you can start to understand the idea behind Rumi X.

The company started as a personal project. Chu, who was a yogi at the time, wanted clothing to practice in that reflected her values. Realizing that the market was lacking in sustainable activewear, she founded Rumi X. She named her company after the Persian poet Rumi, whose writings and philosophy inspire the mindfulness and spirituality that fuel the brand. Though she says she’s since moved on to running and kickboxing, her sustainable activewear is meant to serve a vast range of active people, not just yoga practitioners.


You don’t have to look far for environmentally sustainable activewear anymore. Though the concept may have seemed far out in 2014 when Chu initially conceived Rumi X, her vision comes across as remarkably modern and forward-thinking in 2017 as activewear seems more ubiquitous than ever and staying fit is in vogue. Equally fashionable is being mindful of our environment, and Rumi X is here to serve both of those needs.

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Posted 11.14.2017 - 09:00 am EDT