Non-traditional workers are rising, which means the government and the workplace need to prepare for a more technological change.
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Bold Biz: Libertarian Candidate for Governor

Larry Sharpe for New York stopped by #BoldBiz to discuss where he stands on the libertarian ticket!

Posted by BoldTV on Sunday, February 11, 2018


Technology is a blessing and a curse. While it has created huge advances in medicine, science, transportation and other fields, it is also a creation we heavily rely on. The workforce is changing — robots taking jobs over from people means the demographic has shifted. In order to continue working in manufacturing and other fields, adaptation is necessary.

What are the robots actually doing?

Some jobs that are being moved toward automation are factory assembly line jobs, cashiers, drivers and a series of others. This is because of advances in technology that are capable of removing human error from the process. For example, cars are becoming self-driving, and car services such as Lyft are investing in these new cars. Manufacturing is becoming robot-led, but that does not mean there will be no jobs left? Also in the manufacturing field, millennials are being hired at large rates if they study robotics. Hope is not lost for us humans, but a shift in the workforce is going to happen.

Larry Sharpe, a 2018 Libertarian Candidate for New York Governor, is running on a platform of government reform. He also recognizes a change in technology and has plans for New York City to better adapt.

What is Sharpe’s model of change?

Sharpe recognizes how deeply the technological portion of America affects daily life as well as the government. In a BoldTV interview, he said, “Two of the biggest jobs we have in the United States are driver and server/clerk, and you’ve already seen driverless cars are coming and you’ve already seen the kiosks … so you add all of that together, and you have a lot of disruption. … Government cannot be the answer … you add on top of that that 40 percent of people in the next 40 years will not be tradition employees.” Sharpe sees how the government traditionally reacts to technology. Generally, they fight technological progress and businesses such as Uber or Airbnb. But we are living in a world flooded with robotics. So, to better prepare people for non-traditional more technological jobs, a change in government and the workplace must happen.


The idea of robots taking everything from us is scary. But it does not have to be. By better preparing millennials and other generations to work with robotics, the future seems brighter. Change and acceptance of this shift in traditional work form need to happen within the government as well as corporations.

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Posted 03.05.2018 - 10:00 am EDT