Not all emergency rooms are prepared to help babies that require lifesaving care and support.
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How can we improve our health care system to save more babies' lives? RBaby Foundation

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Phyllis Rabinowitz co-founded the R Baby Foundation after she lost her daughter to a treatable infection.

Rebecca, Phyllis’ newborn baby, had an enteroviral infection that can be life-threatening in babies, but it was misdiagnosed as a common cold. This tragedy led Phyllis and her husband Andrew to start the R Baby Foundation, which works to ensure that emergency rooms are prepared to give babies lifesaving care and support.

The R Baby Foundation was created because the Rabinowitz’s saw a gap in hospital preparedness, and R Baby is the now first and only foundation that’s focused on improving pediatric emergency care.

These pediatric emergency care problems are shockingly prominent in the United States. R Baby points out that 30,000 babies die in the U.S. every year, and 20,000 of them die within their first month of life.

Though that statistic is not a direct result of misdiagnoses or unpreparedness, both of those issues worsen the infant mortality rate. Only 47 percent of the 4,146 ERs in the United States have an emergency preparedness plan that addresses the unique needs of children.

As the R Baby website explains, pediatric health care is underfunded, and not every emergency room is prepared to handle the complications that may arise. But the foundation aims to change this problem by working with top children’s hospitals, bringing life-saving training and education to community hospitals.

Over the last decade, R Baby has improved more than 1 million children’s healthcare facilities every year, raising more than $10 million and training thousands of doctors at 750 hospitals.

R Baby has also partnered with findERnow to create a pediatric app, which allows parents to make more informed decisions on where to bring their babies for emergency care.

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Posted 08.17.2017 - 12:00 pm EDT