These brothers understand the struggles of entrepreneurship — and they’re here to help.
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Bold Biz: The Mentors

Twin brothers Sergei Revzin and Vadim Revzin joined #BoldBiz to discuss how to get the most out of a career mentor!

Posted by BoldTV on Monday, February 19, 2018


Twin brothers Sergei and Vadim Revzin consider themselves mentors for new entrepreneurs. They co-host a podcast, “The Mentors,” where they dispense useful advice for anyone looking to start their own business ventures. The two stopped by for the latest episode of Bold Business to share some of that advice.

What new entrepreneurs need

The Revzin brothers believe that entrepreneurs who are starting out need mentors. They acknowledge that it can be a kind of high and caution against getting caught up in that thrill and making reckless decisions. Having a mentor can help you avoid mistakes. After all, speaking with someone who’s gone through the same process you have likely has a better handle on what to avoid and what to be careful with.

They recommend having a network of people to help you in your ventures. Alumni are a good place to start, they say. Schedule meetings with them, even if it’s just over coffee. The ideal people who will help you are a “year or two ahead” of you — they’re not so far off as to have forgotten the struggle of beginning entrepreneurs, but they’re not exactly where you are and similarly lacking in resources. Many entrepreneurs are willing to help their younger counterparts — you may be surprised at how much help you can find if you establish the proper relationships.


Starting out as an entrepreneur is a daunting task. You’ve got a lot of things to keep track of, many of which can be ruined by bad decisions or poor planning. If you utilize mentors, however, you’ll have less uncharted territory to explore on your own.

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Posted 02.23.2018 - 04:00 pm EST