A simple system that aggregates products wants to streamline the buying process.
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Bold Biz: Sharebert

Finally, an app where we can browse all of your favorite online stores in one place, Sharebert!

Posted by BoldTV on Friday, December 22, 2017

With so many options, online shopping can be an overwhelming experience. Wish it were simpler? As always, there’s an app for that.

How it works

With the Sharebert app, an online shopping startup that collects items from multiple stores, you’re presented products as photos you can like or dislike. Sound familiar? This interface is the basis of (in)famous dating app Tinder, but it scales surprisingly well to shopping. Gone are the days of trawling through page after page, looking aimlessly for something to catch your eye. Now, you can search for something and see results from everywhere in the same place.

Ali Mahvan, CEO, and co-founder, says they’ve partnered with thousands of retailers, including Amazon, and check out is done on the companies’ own sites, so you’re privy to deals certain retailers offer. The app itself rewards you for using it—not just through purchases, but by sharing and liking products.

Advice for would-be entrepreneurs 

Mahvan also shares some words for aspiring entrepreneurs. He stresses the importance of having a vision, something to give you the drive to make your passions reality. As is the case with many of the startups of the modern era, you need something to make you stand out.

He advises to not worry about getting funding. In this case, he got capital when he least expected it. The ideas should be solid, and investors will be interested. You also need to be able to take a risk. You won’t succeed, Mahvan says, if you’re more concerned with your spending or lifestyle habits than you are passionately pursuing your goals.


An online shopping startup isn’t inherently more or less likely to get attention, but it’s the novelty of an idea, whether or not you’re serving a niche that’s currently ignored, that will get you ahead. Take a chance and get your idea out there!

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Posted 12.28.2017 - 11:00 am EDT