Perks that come with the job are becoming expected, and coworkers who enjoy catered meals are reportedly happier workers.
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Resident Assistants in college dorms know that if they plan an event with free pizza, students will show up. Free, delicious food is a known incentive. This also applies to the workplace. Office perks are becoming an important part of the workplace. Since they inspire creativity, better mindsets, and overall happiness. One of the sought-after perks is free snacks and meals in the office. ZeroCater, a U.S. catering company, recently conducted a study examining the role of food in the workplace. They found that an office that supplies workers with food would have a better work culture. The office dining relationship is also having a positive effect on local restaurants.

Food in the workplace and office perks

The labor market is competitive. To retain workers, companies are adding some appealing perks to the workplace. These perks can include dog-friendly offices, free morning yoga, and free meals. They all aim to boost morale and promote work relationships. It is now expected for some sort of added bonus to be given to the office. Employers have noticed that in order to retain workers, they have to include perks of some nature. Notably, catered office meals are one perk having a large, positive effect on work culture. Management offices supply workers with free quality meals, and productivity increases.

How was the effect of catered meals studied?

Source: ZeroCater

ZeroCater specializes in catering from local, privately owned restaurants. They noticed an upward trend in office meals. So they wondered what effect this had on work culture. To explore this idea, ZeroCater surveyed 100 employees and office managers with questions focusing on shared eating experiences. They found a variety of results — 75 percent of workers said they were happy at work. 74 percent of workers also said they had access to free meals and snacks. Additionally, 79 percent of business owners also said that they felt shared meals are important to the office, especially when hiring new team members. For time management, 88 percent of employers felt that by supplying meals, their employees saved time buying lunch.

Effect on restaurants

Not only did ZeroCater find a positive reaction in the workplace, they also found that restaurants business improved. ZeroCater supplies meals from local, privately owned restaurants, so it is good exposure. 63 percent of employees answered that they will visit new restaurants that catered to their workplace. Through office snack programs, 68 percent said they would buy snacks for their own personal use. It is a symbiotic relationship between hungry co-workers and local businesses.


Sharing meals is primal as humans are natural companion-seeking beings.ZeroCater found in its study that companies who cater meals for workers have happier environments. That then leads to higher productivity. Office perks are becoming important to millennials in the job market. Companies, in turn, realize the importance of these perks in maintaining a quality work culture.

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Posted 03.13.2018 - 10:00 am EDT