A short documentary lays it out for worried millennials.
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Bold Biz: Quarter Life User Manual

Rob Montz believes he has a solution to the dreaded, 'quarter life crisis.'

Posted by BoldTV on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Your twenties can be a scary time. Finally on your own, entering the workplace, and ill-equipped for many of the tribulations of adult life, many millennials have a hard time adjusting to the so-called real world. For some, this progresses to a full-on quarter-life crisis.

“The Quarterlife User Manual”

Rob Montz understands this, and he’s put together a short documentary called “The Quarterlife User Manual.” Montz’s advice ranges from the painfully obvious—to make a change, you first must “identify problems that can be solved”—to the painful, but obvious: the universe, indifferent to your existence, doesn’t owe you anything. His words sting a bit, but in heeding them, you’ll be better prepared for reality. The fact is that he believes this generation has been coddled by a “vast phalanx of adults that are just paid to praise [them].” Setting out on your own requires a strong enough will to not only accept failure, but to will change.

In the service of willing change, and in coping with the “roundhouse kick” of reality (as he puts it), Montz advises millennials to espouse the attitude of an entrepreneur, even if they’ve got no plans to be one. “Navel-gazing,” he says, is an activity that won’t get you ahead, and the existential woes that befall many 20-somethings are detrimental to success. Instead of following vague passions, Montz advises exploration. Find out what you want to do; you should be open to not being fully-formed.


You’re young and full of promise. Potentially. Reach that potential by taking action and being open to growth. Don’t get caught up in a quarter-life crisis. Consider what you have to offer the world, and then you’ll find your place.

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Posted 12.19.2017 - 12:00 pm EDT