Motherhood explained through a children’s book.
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Bold Biz: Have You Experienced "Mom Guilt"?

Ashley Flynn, Author of "My Favorite Job Is You" visited #BoldBiz to tell us about her book & mothers in the workplace. #BoldTV

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

“My Favorite Job Is You”

Ashley Flynn, the author of “My Favorite Job Is You,” wrote her book about two years ago when she was finishing her maternity leave. Her inspiration was her surprise at her lack of preparedness for the new lifestyle into which she had entered: work and motherhood. It was not only how hectic the days were, and how different they were from the way they had been before, but she also found she was grappling with new emotions. Although she loved her job, Flynn describes what she calls “the mom guilt,” or the guilt and shame surrounding working. She set out to write a book celebrating working mothers.

First, Flynn was inspired to write a poem, which eventually became “My Favorite Job Is You.”  Although she did not intend for it to be a children’s book, her friends eventually convinced her that “it needed to be one.”

So, what’s the book about?

It’s about a mom and her daughter’s crazy day from start to finish. Although it looks like a fairly simple day, the book does a nice job of capturing all the emotions that come from being a new mom who also works.

How does Flynn balance work-life and motherhood?

Flynn starts off by mentioning her belief that “success is in the eye of the beholder.” That is to say, everyone needs to figure out what their own version of success looks like. For a new mom on maternity leave, success might just mean eating a satisfying meal and taking a hot shower before the day is out. For a new mother, the meaning of success usually changes with the seasons.  

Is the mom guilt applicable to dads, too?

Flynn actually has spoken to her husband about this exact question and finds it to be an interesting one. Flynn says that although it is not an often-addressed topic, that the guilt can also affect men — new fathers — for sure.  Women get asked so often how they balance work and family but most men, who are dads, rarely if ever get asked the question.  

Flynn transitioned from political fundraising to motherhood

Flynn discussed what it was like to transition from the high-stakes world of political fundraising into the life of a brand-new, working mother. Due to her love for her work and the people with whom she worked, Flynn said that “it was very bittersweet to leave that career.” She misses and thinks about, it often.  But, the pace of political fundraising didn’t suit the ‘season’ she was in at that moment. She is still a working mom but she is now an author and a mom.

Is there an optimal children’s age to hear this book?

Flynn thinks that it is always good to read to your kid, especially because it is a poem and it rhymes. Most ages would be just perfect. You can buy Flynn’s book on her website: as well as on Amazon. Flynn concluded by giving advice to the working moms out there who also want to be authors: Just go for it. “I know it sounds super cliché, but if you are passionate about your book, and you feel you have a story to share, then it’s a win, it’s worth it [and you should go for it.]”

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