Millennials in government will slowly overtake current policy standards.
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Millennials are taking an interest in political matters; the number of millennials in government grows with each term. They’ve already become the largest generation in the workforce, and they will soon constitute the majority of government leaders.

Sixty percent of the congressional staff is made up of millennials under age 30, showing that millennial input is having an influence. With more millennials taking an interest in running for office, the political climate will soon change to follow their lead. For example, more millennials are concerned with economic debt, largely because most of them carry a large amount of student debt. Paying off that debt has largely become millennials’ first priority, rather than following the traditional American Dream. As a result, many millennials now believe the best way to enact change is to join the government and find a solution.

Who is millennial Matt Gaetz?

One millennial, Matt Gaetz, is an attorney and a representative of Florida’s 1st Congressional District. Gaetz is a conservative, and he focuses on economic issues. He’s the chairman of the Finance & Tax Committee and has authorized more than one billion dollars in tax cuts. Gaetz also has balanced and budgeted the state all while repealing or replacing more than 4,000 regulations, showing that like many other millennials in government (and outside of it), one of his top priorities is eradicating debt.

Gaetz also shares other common millennial beliefs, and he is bringing them to Congress. For example, 77 percent of Democratic millennials are in favor of legalizing marijuana while six in ten Republican millennials are also in favor of legalization and making medical marijuana easier to obtain. Gaetz is one of the few GOP Congressman who is trying to get Congress to reform its policy on marijuana. He is reflecting the belief held by the majority of millennials who feel that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol.


Millennials are taking an interest in politics because of the trillions of dollars the country has in debt. Because most millennials have such high personal student loan debt, they understand the need to find solutions for the country’s debt as well. They are joining politics with the hope of working toward a more debt-free America. They’re also bringing their stances on issues such as marijuana legalization to Congress. Millennials in government have the power to change the country.

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Posted 01.12.2018 - 10:00 am EDT