Bold Business sits down with Tiffany Pham to discuss her social network for women: Mogul
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Bold Biz: Tiffany Pham Talks Mogul

Tiffany Pham, Founder & CEO of Mogul, discusses how she built the hottest networking hub for women!

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What’s the secret to becoming a media mogul?

“Well, there is so much to share about how to become a mogul. Mogul is one of the fastest-growing, largest female millennial platforms worldwide … allowing women to connect and share information with each other. Our ultimate vision is to enable anybody to realize that doing the impossible is the norm.”

Pham became a media Mogul by becoming her best self. By becoming “the best daughter, sister, and friend possible … and this platform enables anybody to accomplish that.”

You’re a judge on Girl Starter. Tell us about that show

“It’s a show that essentially rewarded incredible female entrepreneurs by providing them with the opportunity to further develop their ideas into full-fledged businesses — nd ultimately invested in those companies that were the winners of the show. I’m still very close with many of the contestants.”

Tell us about the Mogul process and how it works

“So, we are a community that allows you to engage with any one of our channels … through each one of these channels you’re able to ask questions: What’s your obstacle, your struggle, your challenge… and the community can help you with that struggle, and help you to achieve your goal. Ultimately, throughout your journey, you will receive ongoing support from the community. And to feel that you are truly in touch with a global community of women. Because you are. One global issue that we’re solving in this way is the fact that women represent just 15 percent of the shared voice globally. This platform will give more women a voice.”

Do you feel women [need to unite] to tackle the challenges that they face in the workplace?

“Absolutely. Women should lift each other up … we can all rise to the top [if we help each other.] We’re actually only 73 percent women on Mogul though. It’s not only women.”

Do you have any advice for young women looking to start their own business?

“What comes to mind is that you should get started right away, put the idea down on paper, and mock things up. Reach out to your mentors, start to pitch. Just go ahead and get started even if it’s not perfect. So many of my peers have incredible ideas but stop themselves because they’re worried about being perfect at the very beginning. Final piece of advice is that a ‘no’ is really a ‘not right now’ that will turn into a ‘yes. [So don’t get discouraged when you get rejected.]’”

What advice do you have for people looking to get into coding?

“I hope that this becomes life-changing advice because it changed my life. I downloaded a PDF called Ruby on Rails by Michael Hartl. It was 10 chapters. I went through each. The first was so hard. That was the first chapter though that taught me the discipline it takes to be an engineer. I persevered, and I hope the [person who asked the question] also perseveres. The remaining nine chapters were incredible. I was excited every day to come back to my home and teach myself how to code. I flew through them within the next week-and-a-half. Within the first monthand-a-half of teaching myself how to code, I built the Mogul platform myself.”


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