Living at home has become a social norm, but you need to stay focused on your goal.
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The number of people moving back home is on the rise. More and more college graduates are unable to support themselves due to debt and the fluctuating job market. Not having a regular income along with being in debt causes many people to become financially dependent on their parents, and thus gives them a reason to move back home. However, it is important to not get stuck there.

Think about your career

While it is not a bad thing to be financially dependent on your parents, you need to think about the future. People with careers in the art and design fields receive, on average, $3,600 a year from their parents. It takes a good amount of time for someone in these fields to become financially independent because many times their first steps begin with unpaid internships to gain experience to find paying jobs. It is important to recognize your chances of becoming financially dependent because many people are not aware of it becoming a possibility.

Staying motivated

Many people struggle with staying motivated when they move back home. It’s very common to become depressed, especially if it’s difficult to find a job. Depression is not something easy to handle alone, so it’s good to have people to talk to, such as your parents. One thing that helps increase motivation is making a daily goal. Just deciding to get one or two things done in a day will help you feel productive and successful.

Being responsible

As an adult, there are some responsibilities that you need to take on. When you have a job, you should be able to pay for some of your expenses such as your phone bill or even a monthly metrocard. Just because you are financially dependent does not mean your parents need to take on all of your expenses. Taking up the responsibility of whatever possible will reassure them that you are making the effort to become independent. Taking up such a responsibility will also help with staying motivated.

Takeaway: You can’t stay there forever

Some parents are concerned that once their child moves back in, they will never move out. It’s important to recognize that while they are your parents, you should not take advantage of them. While you are living back at home, you should be looking for jobs and being productive. About 25 percent of people from the ages of 25 to 29 live with a parent, and it is quite easy to get caught up in the luxury of not paying rent or cleaning the house. But the ultimate goal is to be able to become financially independent, so you need to stay motivated to reach that goal.

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Posted 03.07.2017 - 02:50 pm EDT