Medicinal cannabis is becoming a part of health care treatment. Tikun Olam is leading the initiative.
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Bold Biz: Tikun Olam

On #BoldBiz we spoke with the managing director of one the largest marijuana companies in the world about how they started in Israel before expanding to Canada the U.S.

Posted by BoldTV on Thursday, February 1, 2018


Health care is changing — medicine, vaccines, and operations are , as are thoughts about medical cannabis. In the U.S., smoking cannabis has a generally negative connotation, even for those who use it for PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain and a slew of other ailments. But in Israel, medical cannabis is becoming a more mainstream element of health care. The company Tikun Olam Ltd. is the first and largest supplier of medical cannabis in Israel, but it is also leading explorations into this plant’s powers.

What does Tikun Olam do?

In 2005, the company started working as a nonprofit that started growing medicinal marijuana and doing research into its properties. Stephen Konigsberg the managing director for Tikun Olam states that the founder of the company Tzahi Cohen “was very much an advocate especially for children with epilepsy, with autism and for soldiers with PTSD.” The effects of cannabis have been studied by multiple institutions. Cannabis has been shown to help pain, anxiety and more serious diseases. Tikun Olam has done extensive research on how its products help patients with Crohn’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, and assist with pain management and appetite control for geriatric patients.

Tikun Olam does some of the most extensive research and has the largest patient treatment database in the world. The company is working to provide safe medical cannabis strains to all those in pain. The company’s health care ideas are stretching globally as it has established branches in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.


Health care is changing. As more research goes into cannabis as medicine, health insurance may even start to cover the costs of the product. To get to that point, conversations around the benefits of medicinal cannabis need to occur. Tikun Olam is an impressive research facility dedicated to bringing new information about cannabis to patients worldwide.

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Posted 02.10.2018 - 10:00 am EST