Sometimes the best course of action is to plot your own.
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If you can’t get a job, why not try your hand at starting a business instead? That’s what entrepreneur Eny Oh did. She discovered that, post-graduation, she couldn’t land a job … but she had a very marketable skill set! That skill set was enough, she decided. Despite having no entrepreneurial experience, she had been learning about hair and makeup. From that expertise, Beholder El Beauty was born.

How Eny Oh got her start

The business name was derived from a quote she’d often heard growing up, but the idea was all her own. A key piece of advice she has for other aspiring entrepreneurs is this: don’t compare yourself to other entrepreneurs. It turns out that not all origin stories are true.

Oh worked hard to establish her business; nothing was handed to her. And it didn’t happen overnight; she says it took place over the course of “seven or eight years.” Slowly, she undertook the journey, beginning with a chance encounter with Usher’s wife at a basketball game in L.A. It turns out that networking can be done in the most unexpected of places, and it doesn’t matter whom you initially know. You can start from nothing, if you have persistence and a vision. It’s worth noting that Oh did most of her research online: through the internet, ever the useful resource, she learned about vendors, payment, regulations and other aspects of running a business.


Beholder El Beauty eventually ran into some growing pains, as most businesses do. Using them as a way to learn more and take more control over the trajectory and details of her business, Oh overcame them and today she is a great success story for aspiring entrepreneurs. From the initial idea to full fruition, starting a business can be time-consuming and difficult, but it is ultimately quite rewarding. It may be the path for you if you have got a good idea, and if traditional work has not been panning out.

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Posted 03.12.2018 - 10:00 am EST