Being Latino connects brands with Hispanic and millennial influencers to increase awareness and focus attention to the brand.
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Bold Biz: Being Latino

From connecting Latino cultures to helping brands connect with their Latino consumers, Being Latino is a platform designed to educate, entertain, and connect Latino cultures from around the world.The manager of business development joined #BoldBiz to tell us about growing a global audience and brand!

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A major problem for brands is connecting with the right influencers. Will they actually help? You don’t want to connect your beverage brand with an influencer who covers makeup. Picking the right person and having the insight to be able to market to your audience are key when building your brand. Being Latino wants to help connect companies with influencers in Hispanic social media.

Being Latino

Being Latino is one of the country’s biggest U.S. Hispanic social media marketing companies. It is able to connect brands with the biggest U.S. Hispanic and millennial social media influencers on every social media platform. Its own social media network includes more than 66 million followers.

The U.S. Hispanic community can’t be generalized, as community members come from a variety of countries each with their own version of the Spanish language and varying cultures, making it hard to target the entire community as one group. Being Latino not only runs pages targeted to Latinos as a whole, but also to different nationalities, such as Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. This makes it easier to reach an audience that meets your needs.

Being Latino was started in 2009 and rapidly turned into the largest social network for Hispanics. Content on their social media pages relies on funny, shareable posts relating to the Latino experience, from a perspective of having grown up in a household with Latino norms and living in the United States — with most posts featuring Spanglish.

Takeaway: Targeting the right audience requires specialized marketing

Once you know who your audience, targeting them directly becomes a priority. With marketing companies such as Being Latino, there’s a built-in network to be able to raise awareness about your brand among a specific demographic. Having a focus allows you to market directly to the people who need to see your product most. Being able to reach your audience directly gives an advantage over companies that are still marketing to a general audience.

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Posted 12.04.2017 - 12:00 pm EST