Co-Founder & CEO of MD Concepts LLC, Lara Oboler, M.D., talks PregPrep and the challenges of breaking into the health care industry
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Bold Biz: Lara Oboler, M.D. Talks MD Concepts & the Health Care Industry

Co-Founder & CEO of MD Concepts LLC, Lara Oboler, M.D., talks PregPrep and the challenges of breaking into the health care industry.

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What is MD Concepts?

So, this is a journey that I did not expect. I’m a cardiologist, and when I was around 34, I decided that it was time to have a baby. And I assumed I would go and get pregnant and everything would be exactly as I planned. But, as everybody knows, that’s never how it works. So after trying for about four months to get pregnant, I started doing research, and I read about something called N-Acetylcysteine, which is an amino acid that’s a potent antioxidant and is used for cystic fibrosis and Tylenol overdose. But I didn’t realize it also could help a woman get pregnant. The main barrier between a sperm and an egg is cervical mucus. If you can break that up and help it swim a little easier, then it can help you. So I tried it. It was my fifth month trying, and I decided to go see a fertility specialist. The doctor said we need to do these tests, start these medications and do these procedures. I said, “Bring it on! Let’s do it.” As we were sitting there, the nurse walked into the office and said “Stop everything! You’re pregnant!” The doctor said, “Did you take a mucolytic?” And I said “I did.” And the doctor said “That’s why you’re pregnant.” I thought if I’m a doctor and I didn’t know about this, there must be other women that don’t know about this. That was the premise of starting my first company Preg Prep. We sell it at CVS, Walgreen’s and Rite-Aid. It is online at It is an over-the-counter supplement. We have products for women and men to help the couple conceive. We just started our first product with MD Concepts, my second company, called Revactin. It’s a product that was invented by the doctor who did the research that led to Viagra. It’s an over-the-counter supplement for erectile wellness and function.

Were there challenges that you faced?

I’ll tell you one of the biggest problems and challenges that I had with both of the products that we’re talking about. It is stigma. People don’t want to talk about it. As a doctor and woman, I don’t really understand that. It is very hard to discuss though. Women might feel shame or that it is their fault that they can’t conceive. It’s not the case. I think that has helped break down barriers. Having the discussion and saying that there is nothing that you did wrong. Let’s try and help you.

What’s interesting is that N-acetylcysteine is an amino acid. Because of that, it does not need FDA approval, so we don’t need a prescription to use it. It also has been proven safe. As a doctor, I want to do no harm. So everything is obviously very safe, but it doesn’t require a prescription. And that helps people feel empowered. They can just go and buy it. It really is just about empowering women.

I saw a bath oil on your site. What’s that?

It’s part of relaxation. People will say, “Just relax and you’ll get pregnant,” and that doesn’t make you relax. It makes you feel like it’s your fault. So, we thought we’d give people a tool to relax. Take a nice warm bath, relax, get in the mood. All that.

How many women do you think have this problem?

I just want to say that this is not for infertility. If you have infertility, you should see a doctor. This is for women who are just starting to try and get healthy and improve their chances. Nudge nature along a little bit. But in terms of infertility, 6 million women in the U.S. per year are infertile. And infertility means you have tried for a year and have not gotten pregnant. And this is something you would do before you ever enter that realm. For Preg Prep, we recommend you try it for three months, and if it doesn’t work, I recommend you see your doctor for a consult.


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