How to get started on your hunt
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So, you could be fresh out of college or re-entering the workforce after some time off. Or maybe you are looking for your next gig after a long time at your current job. In any case, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start hunting; it’s time to look for a new job. To start off, one would think it’s the easiest task in the world. Looks, though, can be deceiving. The process is sort of complicated, actually. Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself, and also the answers to those questions!

How do I find the best listings?

So you’ve settled down to get to business, started up your computer and opened up a new page. But where do you start the whole process? With so many resources at your disposal (Monster, Google, etc.) how do you choose the best option? If you have specific companies in mind, target those companies directly. Otherwise, job boards can be great tools. For instance, compiles job listings from a ton of other job boards. You also can use social media, phone apps, and, of course, your network.

What do I search for?

After you have figured out your search method, the next step seems simple. Type in what type of position you want, however, and the answers you get tend to be a little bit too broad for comfort. Make sure to narrow down your search to a couple specific desired position titles. You can whittle down your results even further by including things like the level of experience and salary range. Before you even begin this process, it is helpful to outline your   talents, and passions on a piece of paper or word document, in order to determine exactly what you want to pursue.

How do I use my network?

So, again, if you have your eyes on a specific company, it is best to seek out a contact from there and genuinely connect with that person. Although, of course, easier said than done. Linkedin, though, can show you which of your connections has a link to your target company — which can pave the way to an introduction. If your sights are a bit broader, however, a carefully crafted email to friends and family can be a great lead-in. Social media also can be leveraged! Be as careful with what you post on social media as you would be in crafting your email, however!

What do I need to apply?

Well, for starters you will need 1) a resume and 2) a cover letter. If you have never job hunted before, you might want to brush up on the basics of what these documents require. Tailor each cover letter to the specific job. Yes, each time. Don’t be lazy and just copy and paste! Instead of listing a generic description of all of your past responsibilities, accomplishments, and experience, you’ll angle them toward the role you want, positioning yourself as the perfect fit for the job description. Whatever you do, read the job description carefully so you know exactly how to entice the company.

When will I likely get a job?

So you’ve sent in a few resumes and haven’t gotten any bites yet — or maybe you have, but you still haven’t quite found the right position. Well, you’re not alone — job hunting can be a long and frustrating process. Maintain momentum by setting goals and creating and sticking to a job-hunting schedule.


Just stay motivated, even when the going gets tough! It’s not always going to be easy. In fact, the odds are against you that it will be easy. Remember to work hard. But as much as working hard is involved, don’t go so hard that you burn yourself out. Remember: The key is to maintaining momentum for a long time and sustain that momentum. So make sure to give yourself plenty of breaks, and reward yourself for your hunting so diligently!


Posted 01.24.2019 - 01:03 pm EDT