HZQ helps people get their startups and nonprofits off the ground using targeted strategies in marketing and operations consulting.
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Bold Biz: HZQ Consulting

Do you need help bringing your million dollar idea to life? Ryan Adams and HZQ Consulting specializing in building startups and non-profits

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Smaller businesses tend to struggle without the financial backing, manpower and expertise that big businesses have. HZQ Consulting seeks to help companies realize their full potential by helping businesses start ideas and hone them to help them grow. HZQ offers a wide range of support that helps businesses grow mighty.

HZQ was founded by Ryan Adams, who serves as the Chief Technology Officer for small businesses, nonprofits and startups. He assists in everything from building websites, to advising on which tools allow for best practices to reach an audience, to just keeping the servers running. HZQ goes as far as explaining its entire process. It shows how the idea is refined to how it can be changed depending on its success or failure.

Adams received a Master’s of Theological Study from Harvard Divinity School. He specialized in Jewish/Judaic Studies, which reveals the name of the company. HZQ’s name comes from the root letters of the Hebrew word Chazaq, which translates to “to grow strong, mighty, confident.” HZQ is the root for “when small groups of people band together, focus, and grow stronger and faster than anyone expects of them.”


HZQ is able to help people turn its ideas into reality by growing an idea, refining it, and providing the necessary focus for it to become successful. Startups and nonprofits benefit from a focused approach by an outside company that is able to tell them what is and isn’t working with the way the business is run.

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Posted 09.23.2017 - 12:30 pm EDT