Santos Garcia, brand manager & consultant at Sense 93, talks about his entrepreneurial success and getting casted in the Hustle in Brooklyn BET series!
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Bold Biz: Hustle in Brooklyn's Santos Garcia Shares His Entrepreneurial Success!

Santos Garcia, Brand Manager & Consultant at Sense 93 talks his entrepreneurial success and getting casted in Hustle in Brooklyn BET series!

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What earned you a spot on the show?

I have a marketing consulting company, and the network wanted to get a group of young people together to showcase those different talents. They wanted to show a group of individuals that can highlight what is actually going on in the entertainment business.

So your hustle is your marketing and consulting company?

My company is about taking companies that want to get involved in the culture and partnering them with the culture of hip hop and entertainment and moving the culture forward. Young people now, their attention spans are pretty quick. So, I created a company to make it easier for inner-city kids and youth to propel the culture forward and be involved.

I love that the show showcases positive aspects of young Brooklyn urbanites

I think it is important that what we see in social media is perfection. We post the good times, not the process of getting there. There’s a process to getting up in the morning and getting here. It’s not always smooth. People get frustrated with the process. People forget that problems are going to occur and things are going to happen. So, I love the platform that BET gave us because it allows people to see it’s not always perfect. The beauty of it is that it is in real time. We had the opportunity to be ourselves. It’s reality TV.

What challenges have you experienced as an entrepreneur?

It’s not always easy to get in contact with brands. And it’s always a challenge to build relationships. That’s why I started my company. I wanted to give people the opportunity to say hey, if I have this idea, this is the type of people I should talk to and these are the steps I should take. I want the youth to understand that they should trust the process. It’s not always going to happen that easily, but when it does happen, you’re going to appreciate the journey and not just the end result. The journey is what makes us.

What tools do you use to reach people?

LinkedIn was one of them. I use Facebook and social media. I used to be a road manager for Ne-Yo. I got the opportunity there to travel and meet so many different kinds of people. Through those experiences, I built up my contacts and utilize them. Building relationships and following through is what helped me succeed.

How do you maintain your network?

I think it is important to understand that the best meetings don’t happen in the office space. They can happen in bars or social media platforms, etc.

Are brands reaching out to you as a result of this show?

Yes, more brands are reaching out to me. Essentially, what I want to show is the process of getting there. The energy I put out is the energy I get back. And things are going really, really great.

What’s a brand you work with?

Well, I’ve done partnerships with Verizon and ReeBok. I did something with Jordan. We are getting ready for the Grammys now. And these brands want to get involved with the culture. They want to get involved in the youth. So, I thank them for actually picking up the phone and being a part of it. It’s a beautiful journey. I want to continue to inspire the youth to trust the process. Don’t get frustrated by encountering the word “no.”

What’s the next step for you?

I’m going to start doing seminars and partnering with more companies — going to different countries and continuing to move the culture forward.


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