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Bold Biz: Have You Ever Tried HowUDish?

Jillian Hastings, head of business development for HowUdish conversed with #BoldBiz about how business travelers can maintain a healthy diet during their travels. #BoldTV

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Another food app … but with a twist

HowUDish has racked up quite a reputation, and is even referred to, by many, as “the Tinder of Eating.” The way it works is that you just open the app, input what sort of foods adhere to your diet and then receive options to which you either swipe left or swipe right. When you tap on a restaurant that looks good and diet-friendly, you receive all their dishes as well as nutritional information for each dish. HowUDish also has a network so you can get restaurant recommendations from others and return the favor, too. The app even shows you what the best options are for eating on your cheat day.

Is it unique or just another app?

One of the awesome things about HowUDish, aside from the supportive network of dieters, a cheat day option and the swipe left/swipe right feature, is that it works while traveling as well, which comes in super handy when you have no idea how to get from anywhere to anywhere. Instead of getting into the fetal position, you can just download HowUDish and get personalized diet meals and nearby restaurants. Hastings mentions that the average traveler gains 1.5 pounds for every week that they are traveling. Hastings said her husband, who created the app, would travel all the time and find himself bingeing on fried and comfort food between meetings. He said, “We’ve got to fix this.”

HowUDish’s premium service

When traveling long distances, this is where HowUDish premium comes in. If somebody chooses to buy the premium version (all the other features are for free in the app store) then they would be able to access, explore and learn about restaurants from up to 25 miles away.  This applies to anywhere, not just NYC. For instance with premium, if you are standing at the center of Los Angeles and used HowUDish, then you would be able to find food that is suitable for you at a 25-mile radius.


HowUDish is a good tool to have in your toolbelt when you are traveling and trying to make plans ahead of time. It is also very valuable if you don’t have the slightest clue about the neighborhood, and you can hear your stomach growling desperately.


Posted 07.08.2018 - 10:00 am EST