What should you look at when you're budgeting out your wedding.
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Fun Fact: Weddings are expensive. It’s not a surprise, and while we can ask the question why, it won’t change the fact that a wedding is going to cost a lot of money. The average couple in 2016 spent between $19,323 and $32,205 on their wedding. If you decide to marry your significant other in the future, it’s important to be aware of how much everything is going to cost beforehand. You don’t want to be surprised when you see the final bill. Finding ways to save isn’t impossible either. Fifty percent of couples who got married in 2016 spent less than $15,000. Finding out what you and your significant other truly want for your wedding and reasonably budgeting it out is the key to a successful wedding both emotionally and financially.


The florist costs how much?!

Be prepared to be overcharged for everything. A study found that flower shops, photographers, and cake shops charge more for weddings than they do for other events. Many even suggest calling your wedding a “family party” to some vendors to save money. To get a good estimate of how much your wedding is going to cost, you need to take everything into account, not just the venue. Think of everything from the rehearsal dinner all the way to the videographer. Weddings are not just a four-hour event, they are usually an entire weekend filled with dinners and special events. See what the average cost is for anything that you might have to pay for during your wedding weekend.

Your guest list is a huge factor to look at. How many people you want to invite to your big day will drastically change the price tag of your wedding. In 2016, the average catered meal per guest was $71. If you have 200 guests, that’s going to cost $14,200 alone. If you’re planning on spending under $15,000, you’re going to have to have a much smaller guest list. Going into detail of the cost of each expense will help figure out what’s important to you and what you can realistically afford.


Budgeting out your big day

What’s your budget? When you know how much everything you want costs and you factor that into what you’re willing to spend, you can come up with a reasonable budget. Remember, you don’t need to spend extra because you have the money, but you also don’t need to cut out things you and your spouse want just to save. A $100,000 wedding and $10,000 wedding can both be perfect in their own way. As long as it’s what you and your spouse want and comfortably can afford. Sometimes paying extra is worth the enjoyment you get out it, just budget accordingly for it.

If you are looking to save on your wedding, you’re probably thinking of having the venue at your home. It makes sense, it’s the highest expense of the wedding and with that expense gone, you will be paying next to nothing right? Well, maybe not. With a wedding in a private home, you would need to bring everything in such as caterers, bathrooms, and tables. And weddings are events that should go smoothly, and if too many people are in your home for the event, it could lead to power and/or water failures. Setting your price points for what you want from the start can help you from getting manipulated by vendors. Knowing what you want beforehand can give you the opportunity to stand your ground and pay for the wedding you are will pay for.



A perfect wedding is different for every couple. Some couples really care about the food, some care about the quality of the flowers. If you’re looking to save, couples should figure out what’s important to them and cut the cost of what’s not. If you and your spouse really want a DJ that costs $5,000 and this DJ is that important to you, you should spend the money on it. You just need to properly budget for it by saving and maybe cutting down the cost of things you don’t need to have to make your day perfect.


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Posted 07.17.2018 - 10:00 am EDT