Mario Rosser, partnership manager of sales solutions at LinkedIn, shares his advice to young business professionals looking to maximize their network
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Bold Biz: How Do You Expand Your Network On LinkedIn?

Mario Rosser, Partnership Manager of Sales Solutions at LinkedIn, shares his advice to young business professionals looking to maximize their network!

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Are professional headshots on LinkedIn important?

They are. Your headshot demonstrates your personality. Profiles that don’t have a headshot are 16 times less likely to be viewed. Selfies really just do not cut it.

Are there common LinkedIn mistakes people make?

The average person is looking to use LinkedIn when they are just going to find a job. That is really a missed opportunity. You can use LinkedIn even when you are not out there in the job market actively. You can use LinkedIn to network and meet new people and things like that. LinkedIn is the place where you can tell your story in your own words. The people that should consider LinkedIn a little bit more are really all millennials. I think everybody should be interested in a platform that is about furthering your career. LinkedIn does a really great job of showing you who you might know in common with people that you are trying to meet. You can’t do that on other social media platforms very well.

How did you connect with LinkedIn?

I used LinkedIn so much when I was in college. So much that I actually got banned from the site at one point. I sent too many requests out. I was so thirsty to connect with people. But I got the ban lifted, thankfully. Then I ended up working at LinkedIn in a rotational program that emphasized client-facing experiences, and that was kind of how I got my start.


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