JUST SIT is a book aiming to make your meditation — and life — much easier.
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Just Sit The Book is an easy-to-use meditation guidebook—including an 8-week plan for busy novices—that helps even the busiest would-be meditator incorporate this practice into their lifestyle and enjoy its many benefits.

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Meditation is often at the top of people’s New Year’s resolution lists, and understandably so — life can be stressful and filled with anxiety. For one reason or another, however, many people don’t stick with it. Perhaps it’s too time-consuming, or it’s hard to be consistent. JUST SIT aims to combat these fears in beginners who are trying meditation to better their mental health. 

Meditation Guide

Everybody’s lifestyle is different, so while some people may prefer to meditate in the morning before coffee, others choose a quieter nighttime where they can fully gather their thoughts and reflect on the day. Founders Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz designed JUST SIT to be a program that is unconcerned with the intricacies of your schedule; in fact, the book is designed for people who know they should meditate but simply don’t.

Guided meditation programs and classes can be expensive and daunting. There is always the feeling that somebody may be looking at you meditate, which can induce anxiety and make people more likely to quit. According to Sukey, “If you can breathe, you’re halfway there.” The process is described as noticing your thoughts, but not letting them consume you. Letting thoughts come and go and identifying them as an outside entity is the methodology behind meditation. It’s not about you spending your time trying to fight the thought, but rather letting it pass without being invested in the particular thought.


Many claim to have been trying to meditate for years, but the truth is everyone has time to just sit, breathe and relax. Elizabeth recommends starting with just three minutes a day, and slowly working your way up. Benefits of consistent meditation include lessened anxiety, not being slowed down and even being nicer. In fact, it is likely other people will notice the change in you before you do.

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