Although employers are expected to hire more graduates this year, graduates might need to brush up on their interview etiquette.
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The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently predicted that employers are expected to hire 5 percent more graduates than last year, which is great news. Unfortunately, a different study done by iCIMS Inc. suggested that graduates aren’t as prepared as they think.

Looking for employees

While the expectation to hire 5 percent more graduates is a good thing, it might prove to be difficult. Employers reported that one-third of all applications for entry-level roles come from unqualified candidates, leaving employers with a choice to make: continue searching for the perfect applicant, or bet on an applicant who might not meet every qualification.

However, when it comes to the interviewing process, employers tend to be disappointed.

Interview etiquette

Interviews are not only nerve-wracking for the applicant, but they’re also difficult for the employer who has to decide who would be a good candidate. It isn’t be surprising when some applicants aren’t fully prepared for their interview, but a whopping 60 percent of employers in the iCIMS Inc. survey said that applicants need to be more familiar with the company and industry and ask better questions.

Becoming familiar with the company and asking appropriate questions during an interview is important to make a good first impression. Unfortunately, graduates fail to make it last.

Following up

Another important aspect of interviews is following up with the employer. Simply sending a quick email to thank the employer could make a big difference in the employer’s decision. Although some may think of this as common knowledge, the same employers from the iCIMS Inc. survey said that three out of four of their applicants fail to send thank-you notes after their interviews.

Despite the mistakes that graduates have been making, the blame is not all on them.

Expecting more but getting less

In the iCIMS study, 90 percent of the college seniors felt confident about their interviewing skills. They also expect to earn more than $53,000 from their first job. This is concerning because recruiters say they expect to pay an average salary of only $45,000 for these positions. Many graduates don’t qualify for jobs with this desired salary, and this misunderstanding could mean they are missing out on jobs they could qualify for.


New graduates might not be incredibly prepared for the job hunt, but they aren’t the only ones to blame. Employers have set higher and more unrealistic standards for their entry-level positions, making it difficult for college graduates to qualify. Hopefully, the goal to hire 5 percent more graduates this year will level the playing field and allow graduates to gain more experience for their futures.

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Posted 05.02.2017 - 01:38 pm EDT