A lawyer’s side hustle, Glow and Flow seeks to introduce faith into pop culture by addressing ways that it comes up in all facets of life.
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Bold Biz: Glow and Flow

Find faith in the flow with the creator of Glow and Flow, a unique platform created to inspire women through hip-hop and scripture!

Posted by BoldTV on Thursday, November 9, 2017


With 65 percent of people saying religion is important in their daily lives, the U.S. is one of the most religious western nations. Still, for some reason, faith takes a backseat in pop culture. A majority of Americans say they rarely or never discuss religion with or outside of their family. Lawyer Nicci Page created Glow and Flow as a side hustle to upend this trend and bring religion back into the mainstream.

Glow and Flow

Glow and Flow is a media platform created to empower women using a mixture of scripture and hip-hop to connect with them. It produces various blogs, vlogs and a Youtube series, #TheGlowUp, that showcases how faith plays a part in the lives of different professional men and women. Nicci Page shares personal stories on Glow and Flow to connect with people.

Page is a former Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx County District Attorney’s office and was previously in-house counsel for Allstate. She currently works for the City of New York practicing in the area of police oversight and accountability. She is also an influencer. While this is only her side hustle, Page uses Glow and Flow to show the intersection of faith in women’s everyday lives.

Takeaway: Glow and Flow wants to inspire women to put faith back in their lives

Glow and Flow doesn’t mean to evangelize but to inspire and uplift women. It wants to show that faith factors into our everyday lives in ways that we don’t see because we don’t talk about it. Page shares her stories to inspire women to use faith in their daily lives. Glow and Flow shows women that faith can be a part of everyday life.

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