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Bold Biz: Headlines with The Cashlorette

The Cashlorette is back on #BoldBiz to discuss the weekly headlines! Including all cash economies in disaster situations like Hurricane Harvey.

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Our Hearts Go Out To Texas

We’d like to take a moment to send our thoughts and prayers to our friends in Texas, who are dealing with flooding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Many people have lost everything they own and are living without power. Remember, during a disaster, it’s back to a cash-only economy when you’re buying the necessities.

If you’d like to donate to the red cross and help in disaster relief efforts, text harvey to 90999 to donate $10.

Most Valuable College Majors

Our next headline comes to us from and is about the most valuable college majors. Overall, the report reveals that if you really want to cash in on your college experience, you better have a knack for math.
As far as the most valuable majors, coming in the top five are petroleum engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, and three other types of engineering including geological, mineral and marine engineering.

The study found that the least valuable majors included studio arts, community organization, composition, fine arts, and psychology.

Sneaky Hidden Charges

Our next headline comes from and is about a new survey that shows that many consumers are easily ensnared by sneaky recurring charges, and many find them hard to escape.
The survey found 35 percent of adults had set up an account that enrolled them in automatic payments without realizing it, and 42 percent of consumers said it’s difficult to turn off recurring charges. The survey also revealed that young people fall into the auto-pay trap more than older folks and that people on a tight budget tend to notice automatic payments more often.

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