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Bold Biz: Weekly Headlines, July 18th

#BoldBiz reviews this weeks headlines featuring Bold contributors Riley Shoemaker and Aram Barmakian

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

GenFKD Millennial Money Survey

GenFKD, released its first annual Millennial Money Survey that identified how millennials feel about their economic security, the impact of education, the ever-changing job market and more. The survey found that one-fifth of millennials are unemployed or underemployed today.

The GenFKD Millennial Money Survey also found that two-thirds of millennials aspire to start their own business, signaling that entrepreneurship among young people is more appealing than ever.

Lastly, the GenFKD Millennial Money Survey found that our generation wants government reform: 44 percent believe that government stifles small business, 83 percent want the government to promote entrepreneurship and 59 percent believe that health insurance shouldn’t be required.

Side-hustle popularity

Our next headline comes to us from and is about millennial side hustling. The survey found that 28 percent of younger millennials have a side hustle, or a side job that provides them with extra income. And these young folks with side hustles are often bringing home more than $500 a month.

Crowdfunding campaigns

Our last headline comes to us from PWC and is about unleashing female entrepreneurial potential through crowdfunding. According to this study, women-led crowdfunding campaigns consistently outperform those led by men. This a sharp contrast to traditional funding mechanisms for startup businesses, in which women continue to face enormous disparities with their male counterparts.

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