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The day after Labor Day is basically the warm weather version of the day after Christmas.  On this most depressing Tuesday of the year, I’d like to call for a moment of silence for the summer of 2015.

As you reflect, take a mental picture of the warm afternoons spent basking in the sun sipping rosé. Pour one out for summer shandy beers, white pants and tan lines. Cheers farewell to summer Fridays, Saturday jet skiing and weekend trips to the shore. Look back on each BYOB picnic, outdoor dance party and Sunday brunch turned Sunday Funday with wistful nostalgia.

Be thankful for your Instagram account, where you so dutifully chronicled your summer adventures; those photographs will serve to sustain you during the long fall and winter months at school. And whatever you do, do NOT forget the blissful feeling of summer sun beaming onto your tanned face — it may be awhile before you experience the sensation of sunlight again.

Before this ode to summer sends you back to bed with Wet Hot American Summer on repeat, I’d also like to take this moment to address all of the many things to look forward to this fall semester:




1. Tailgate Season is Upon Us


(Also known as football season.) From hot dogs and hamburgers right off the grill to the crisp fall chill in the air, nothing is better than a football Saturday. Especially when it’s spent drinking Captains and hot cider at 10 in the morning with your best friends, enjoying a smattering of food you didn’t make and ignoring the actual football game. Win or lose, you will still booze.




2. Halloween Weekend


This quintessential “fall” holiday is never without borderline-inappropriate costumes, pumpkin-flavored everything and lots of devil’s night debauchery. Generally favorited by the mischievous and creative among us, things are bound to get weird when you mix hundreds of college kids, absurd amounts of candy-flavored alcohol and three full nights of playing dress-up like it’s 1995. Party on, Wayne.




3. Two Words: Sweater Weather


Admit it: you were getting a little sick of your go-to summer ensemble of flip flops, shorts and a tank top (not to mention what the humidity does to your hair). Mother Nature has listened to your silent pleas, ushering in a new season complete with fall sweaters, scarves, flannels, boots and beanies to don while walking around campus. Enjoy the mild weather while you can — you and I both know that layering takes on a life of its own come winter.




4. The Eats


Say it with me: NOM. Thanks to cinnamon sugar doughnuts from the cider mill, homemade soup and chili, pumpkin bread, tailgate food and caramel apple everything, we’ll start our Thanksgiving dinner prep now, thank you very much. And don’t forget to bring your fall sorority girl look full circle by firmly attaching a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte (PSL) to your hand until December.




5. Fall Foliage


Nature’s color palette is basically on a mushroom trip come fall and we’re pretty into it. Getting into the swing of the school year with fall foliage that looks like it was photoshopped definitely helps ease the post-summer blues. One word of caution: Expect an Instagram feed full of scenic fall backdrops, various leaf arrangements centered around a drip espresso and every leaf emoji known to man. You’ve been warned.

What’s your favorite part of fall semester? What’s your cure for the post-summer blues? Comment below or share with us on Facebook.


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