Looking into funeral arrangements early can help save time and money.
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Rising funeral costs

Funeral costs aren’t something we typically think about, but with sums racking up to $27,000, it's crucial to make smart and affordable future plans.

Posted by Gen FKD on Sunday, June 24, 2018

What would you do with $11,000? Go on a vacation of a lifetime? Pay off your student loans? How about paying for your funeral? The average price of a funeral cost $11,000. Funerals are an expensive, and we don’t normally think about saving up for them like we would an event like a wedding. That is unfortunate because if you don’t save up for your passing, the burden is left on your loved ones to cover the bill. Death is a subject we don’t normally like to talk about. But it’s important to at least take a look and think about making arrangements for when you pass.  It’s important to figure out how much everything you want is going to cost.

Planning for the end

The most important step of this entire process is to figure out what you want. The first question you need to ask yourself is how do you want your physical body to move on — burial or cremation? Once you have the big question answered, think about the details of your service like what songs do you want played and who would you like to do a eulogy. An aspect of a funeral service is where it’s hosted at. Most go to funeral homes, where you can have funerals, viewings and wakes. Funeral homes are also places where you can purchase items and features such as caskets, urns and embalming. And if you decide on a burial, you will have to select a cemetery and the type of plot you would like to purchase. Remember, this is your service and it should be everything you want it to be.

How to save

Once you have created the funeral that you want, calculate the costs. You even can get a free quote for some funeral homes if you don’t know where to start. If your cost runs too high, there are ways to cut them down. The first option is to get rid of funeral homes and expensive caskets altogether by doing a do-it-yourself funeral. Getting rid of embalming can save you hundreds of dollars, too. The process isn’t even necessary, and if you would like an open-casket funeral, refrigeration is just as effective and cheaper. Compare prices of caskets and urns. Don’t just pay for the first casket you see at a funeral home, look at other options, such as Costco. A funeral is like every other big purchase you make. You research what you want to buy and compare prices.


Death is a topic no one likes to to talk about. But it’s coming for all of us no matter what. It’s always in good measure to start doing some research on your potential funeral expenses. If you’re not careful, funerals can run up to $27,000. Know what you want for you service. See how much your service could cost and see if there are ways to cut down that cost. It’s never too early to plan and save for a funeral, it can only be too late.


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Posted 07.10.2018 - 10:00 am EDT