Exeq seeks to change the way people think about saving money, turning it from a negative experience to a positive one.
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Bold Biz: A Millennial Tracking Their Finance

Do you have a hard time making a budget and keeping track of your spending?

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Saving money has negative connotations in people’s minds. It cuts out certain purchases such as food and entertainment from life, leaving many hesitant to drop their favorite things from their life. When it’s time to save money, people are forced to do it and are rarely happy to do it. Exeq wants to change the way people think about saving money.

Exeq doesn’t want to curtail spending habits. Instead, it wants to streamline how users spend their money. Rather than spending more money for coffee at Starbucks, it uses transactional data to suggest a place where the user can spend less money. It wants to provide a better focus for the funds as opposed to cutting out that facet of the user’s routine. Exeq loathes to call itself a budgeting app, instead calling itself a spending app.

The app is geared toward younger users. Exeq uses emoji ratings and vibrant visuals to make the budgeting process more appealing to those who are more frequently on social media apps rather than reading spreadsheets. Users can tag friends in places they’ve been, giving the app a social media vibe.


Budgeting is not easy, and people drag their feet to do it. It’s easier to keep spending without regard to the funds in your bank account. Getting a hold on spending habits is easier if you can visualize where all of this money is going. Exeq is offering a different way of budgeting — it keeps track of what you’re spending money on and how much is being used per week, allowing you to get a better sense of what’s going on with your bank account.

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Posted 10.09.2017 - 03:00 pm EDT