Here's how to assemble an amazing team that will bring your product idea to life.
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You may have a great product idea but without the necessary knowledge or skill your idea may never come into existence. That’s where you’ll need solid team members who will help turn your idea into a reality. However choosing the right team members may be tricky.

There are so many people out there who may have the skills but may not be an ideal member of your team. Here are entrepreneur tips to form your power team to get your product idea going.

1.) Assess your product idea to identify what skills you need

Clearly, you can’t do everything on your own and neither can you acquire all the skills you need to create your product. Your product idea may need some specialized skill that you may not have. For example, you’d need an app developer to help with creating an app where necessary.

Prioritizing the skills you need will help you know the talent or skills you need the most in the person who will be a member of your team. Those are the people you’ll first look for to join your team.

2.) Clearly specify the objective of your product idea, the roles of each team member and the ground rules

Setting the responsibilities that everyone has is important for the smooth running of the project. Every member needs to be clear as to what their focus is and how they can use their talents, skills and expertise to meet the goal the product idea seeks to achieve.

According to Rob Bellenfant the founder of Technology Advice, when everything is defined that’s when you hire the right people who will fit in your team.

When screening eligible team members, you need to make sure that they believe in your product idea’s mission and that they have what it takes to make it happen. You need to realize that at this point skills, talent and past experience or portfolio don’t matter as much as the drive or hunger of that team member to succeed.

3.) Get members who are able to work as a team

You may have highly qualified candidates but when it comes to working as a team, they fail at it. For your idea to become a full fledged product you need to have team members who not only use their skills to get their end of the job done, but also know how to collaborate.

Teamwork is important to get any project done but it also helps in the development of each team member. Teamwork will make sure that your idea turns into a product in the most efficient and fastest way possible.

Before accepting someone to be a member of your team assess the person if he/she is the type that would work well as a team. Determine if they are lone rangers or are the type that love sharing their ideas, cooperate with other members and positively engage with them.

4.) “Sell” your idea to your potential team members

We’re not talking about the type of staff that take orders. We’re talking about people who believe in your product idea as much as you do and are eager to make it come to life. They must be so sold up to your idea that they are willing to do all that it takes to make sure it happens.

"When building your team you must determine how much they believe in your product idea."

If believing in your product will help drive sales then how much more will believing in your product idea help drive you to create the best version of your product. When building your team you must determine how much they believe in your product idea. That is the key to a great team that will create your product. Everything is tied to this.

If your team members don’t have faith in your product idea, they won’t have the zeal to work because their mindset is fixed on your product being a flop. It is belief in the positive outcome of your product that will set the ideal members of your team apart from the rest.

Your idea is only as strong as the people on whose shoulders it rests, so go ahead and raise a great team.


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Posted 12.19.2016 - 03:08 pm EST