The values instilled in Americans makes them uniquely prepared for the challenges of entrepreneurship.
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Bold Biz: Mayshad Foundation

Nezha Alaoui started the Mayshad Foundation to bring opportunity to her home country in Morocco, check out her full interview on #BoldBiz!

Posted by BoldTV on Sunday, February 18, 2018


Nezha Alaoui, founder and president of the Mayshad Foundation, stopped by for the most recent episode of Bold Business to talk about her organization and the values that drive entrepreneurship. The Foundation’s goals are to “initiate, develop and implement grassroot level projects” to help develop marginalized African countries. Based in California and Morocco, Alaoui’s project aims for truly global reach — and its founder knows a thing or two about the differences across the global community.

What drives entrepreneurship?

Alaoui was born in Morocco and initially educated in France. She soon found herself in Toronto for school after having a hard time falling in line with the values of the French education system. In North America, she says, values such as leadership, creativity and individualism are encouraged. With the “strict” French system, Alaoui, who describes herself as a “hyperactive teenager,” didn’t quite fit in.

These values, endorsed by the North American education system, help to create leaders who want to innovate. Empowering the individual is a big part of how education works in this region of the world, and it’s something Alaoui found inspiring. It drove her to follow her dreams, and it can do the same for you.


If you’re from North America, or were at least educated here, you’re familiar with the importance we place on the individual. This means that you have the potential in you to be a leader. Alaoui is a big proponent of spreading these ideas through the world — that the individual can be a creative force for change. It’s worked for her organization currently making big changes in North Africa, and it can work for whatever you do and wherever you do it.

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