M2 is a millennial friendly industry, and a strategic group dedicated to helping millennials in urban areas.

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Bold Biz: M2 Strategic Group

What does the modern American dream look like? M2 Strategic Group is helping answer that exact question by connecting young talent with local organizations!

Posted by BoldTV on Thursday, November 9, 2017


The disconnect between America’s younger generations is only growing, so much so that millennials have earned the nickname “The Disconnected Generation.” Millennials are less connected and less likely to care about religion and politics. For example, 50 percent of millennials identify as Independents rather than connected to a political party.

Luckily, new strategic group M2 has formed with the belief that millennials have the power to shape the world.

The group’s founders, Jane Knight and Wyatt Melzer, formed their team after the 2016 presidential election. Their primary objective is to support smaller urban areas and help “people outside of these big-city bubbles that are suffering due to the economy,” Melzer explains. He says their job is to “attract, engage and retain young talent in these small urban areas.”

They both moved to Lexington, Kentucky in May 2017 to work toward a modern American Dream by using their entertainment platform.

What is M2 doing?

The old American Dream was to move to one of the cities, work hard and make a career. M2 focuses on helping young millennials and the next generation get access to the tools needed to support the U.S. economy and guide the direction of the country.

M2 is also giving money and supporting startups with missions similar to theirs – helping to promote the health and wellness of younger generations. The founders hope to ensure that the next generation is well-equipped to guide the country.

You can get in on the revolution M2 is creating by listening to their podcast called the Next Gen, which is “highlighting the next wave of difference makers throughout the country,” Melzer says. Another outreach they do is The Passion Project. For this project, they give talks at high schools and colleges about how to turn your passion into a career.


Many think that millennials are disconnected from politics and each other, but this strategic group is hoping to change that by nurturing millennials in urban areas who may feel excluded from the rest of the country. By creating a more in-tune, passionate generation, the direction of the country will shift toward the modern American Dream.

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Posted 11.14.2017 - 01:00 pm EST