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These Snozzberries Taste like Syphilis

Reddit asked, so three teenaged student-geniuses delivered. Motivated by a wish-list article posted on the useful-but-often-creepy forum, Musaz Nawaz, Daanyaal Ali and Chirag Shah of the U.K. have conceptualized a chameleon condom that could change the future of safe sex.

Still in the early stages of development, the aptly titled “S.T. EYE” changes color in response to bacteria from various sexually transmitted diseases. Potential signal pairings for the contraceptive include green to indicate chlamydia, yellow for herpes and a red neon sign saying “RUN BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE” to identify fans of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”


Obama Takes Slow Lane to Fast Track, Cruz Tucks and Rolls


President Obama’s much-hyped ambition of signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership took an important step forward on Tuesday, as the Senate cleared the way to give him “fast track authority.”

While there are still a few political hoops to jump through, Obama is in a strong position to pull off the trade agreement that proponents believe will boost free trade and American political influence in Asia. Critics, largely from within the president’s Democratic Party, are worried about how the deal will impact low- and semi-skilled American workers in the manufacturing sector.

A late opponent also included Texan Republican Ted Cruz, who switched sides at the last minute, presumably to maintain his reputation as “champion of the lost cause.”


Google Protects You From Yourself for 30 Seconds


Tech monolith Google took another step to becoming everyone’s personal psychologist on Tuesday, as it streamlined the ability for Gmail users to “unsend” emails.

While the feature has been available for several years, Tuesday marked its transition out of Google’s “Lab” section – essentially an open testing ground for its features – and into the universal core settings of Gmail accounts.

Now, when you fire off that cathartic, yet ultimately self-destructive, “bye, Felicia” note to former coworkers, you’ll have a solid 30 seconds to come to your senses, unsend the email and plot something more traditionally passive aggressive instead.


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