What are some ways to save money on Halloween, but still have a good holiday?
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Halloween! Probably the best holiday, bringing endless candy, costumes, and trick or treating. However, the cost of all the Halloween fun can add up. It’s so easy for millennials to overspend on Halloween treats, parties, and costumes. Is pumpkin spice worth it?

Americans spend a total of $6.9 billion on Halloween. Pre-made Halloween costumes on Amazon go from $20 to in the hundreds! But by making smart budgeting choices this Halloween you can still enjoy all the treats of the season without having to face frightening receipts come November.

Costumes don’t have to be expensive

Looking at costumes on Amazon I found a female’s ghost hunter costume. Pretty simple; it’s a brown jumpsuit with the ghost hunter’s symbol. But this costume would cost me up to two hundred and fifty-four dollars! Thankfully, secondhand shops and thrift stores offer gently used quality costumes for a fraction of the cost.  

For Halloween, the costume section at Savers — a popular Nonprofit thrift store that accepts donations to keep their prices low — has huge savings, including most costumes, marked down an extra thirty percent. Not only does Savers sell donated costumes, but they also have their own exclusive never-worn costume line. This line includes costumes like a beautiful rose fairy or a space warrior. You do not have to blow a lot of money in search of a new costume.

There is also the more crafty DIY approach; you can make an excellent costume for yourself from items in your home. Good Housekeeping released an article with some fun, easy, and affordable options such as everyone’s favorite aardvark Arthur. For that costume, all you need is a yellow sweater, a white button down and a pair of glasses. DIY costumes are another way to cut down the cost of Halloween, and additionally, getting crafty can be a great stress reliever, which millennials always need.

But I want candy!

Unsurprisingly, Americans also spend too much money on candy. 2.1 billion dollars each year, to be exact. The need for pumpkin shaped Reese’s is real. There are ways to save on candy for your trick or treaters. Buying candy like Jolly Ranchers or Smarties is cheaper than chocolate. Don’t be afraid to buy a generic brand of candy. If it’s got sugar you’re good. 

Also, bulk stores like Costco and BJ’s have great deals on large quantities of candy to make sure every trick-or-treater is happy, and you might even have some left over sweets for yourself. Coupons are your best friend when it comes to scoring deals on bags of candy. Most stores have a buy-one, get-one deal when ramping up to the Halloween treat season.


Halloween can be pretty scary, but the spending should not be. By going to a thrift store for a costume or making one you can save yourself hundreds of dollars. Name brand candy can be pricey as well, so make sure to bargain hunt! Watching your Halloween spending is your ticket to a stress-free holiday, a treat we can all get behind.

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Posted 10.27.2017 - 12:00 pm EDT