Women don’t always support women, but Building Bold is trying to change that.
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Bold Biz: Building Bold

Nikki Weiner is the founder of Building Bold, and has dedicated her career to empowering women to express themselves instead of suffering in silence, in all facets of their life, including the work place.

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Competition in the workplace is common, especially between men and women. But not many people are aware of the tensions between women in the workplace.

Women vs. women

Women face a lot of difficulties in the corporate world. In an industry dominated by men, it can be extremely difficult for women to move up the ladder. This means that everyone is a threat. The male dominated workplace also sets up women to compete with each other because of increased scrutiny and lack of women in top leadership positions.

Many women have dealt with bullying and other intimidation tactics in the workplace, and a survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute even found that 68 percent of the time, female bullies targeted another woman.

Despite the competition between women in the workplace, there are many women that support each other in the corporate world and try to empower each other as much as possible. Nikki Weiner is one of those women.

Building Bold

Nikki Weiner is the founder of Building Bold, a movement created to help empower women in the workplace. Nikki hosts events such as book clubs and open-mic nights, allowing women to express themselves and their frustrations in a creative way. She has had her own personal experiences with gender discrimination in the workplace as well as experience with competition between women, and the whole mission of Building Bold is to empower women to express themselves rather than suffer in silence.

Why is this important?

It’s one thing to experience gender inequality and discrimination in the workplace, but women need to stand together and empower each other. Competition is natural when everyone is trying to move up the corporate ladder, but there needs to be some level of respect and understanding among coworkers. Building Bold helps women from across the globe come together and share stories of their own experiences in the workplace, creating a place where women can rid themselves of their frustrations in a healthy way.

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Posted 06.14.2017 - 06:12 pm EDT