An intensive coding course is a smart career investment for people of all ages— is it the right choice for you?
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Bold Biz: The Flatiron School

Interested in learning how to code? The Flatiron School provides classes available to all ages!

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Adam Enbar, founder of the Flatiron School, wants you to re-imagine the way you think about computer programming.

Launched in 2012, the Flatiron School has taught Ruby and Javascript Web development and iOS app creation to hundreds of students through their full-time intensive immersion programs.

In a digital age, coding applies to all industries

Every business worth its salt nowadays has at least a functional website, sometimes also mobile apps and widgets that interact with other sites and programs.  As a result of this there’s a booming demand for people with programming skills to build or maintain a solid digital infrastructure for the company.

“I don’t think that you can think of a single industry that’s not completely controlled by code” Enbar says, “Code flies airplanes, code controls cars, code dictates how you shop online and how you buy airline tickets.There’s nothing that’s not controlled by code.”

Higher education is too slow for the modern world

The cost of college is rising faster than our ability to pay for it. “The idea of learning for four years and then working for the rest of your life doesn’t make sense anymore.  We have to continue learning as we evolve in our careers,” says Enbar. More and more people are in significant student debt and many find themselves with degrees that are not as useful to have as they would have been four years ago when they started studying.

He went on to say, “These intensive programs that can really give you a skill quickly and prepare you to either launch a new career or progress in your current one.”

It’s reasonable to believe that intensive training programs like these are going to become more and more important.  

It may also be a better investment in terms of cost and time.  A student’s day-to-day is typically longer in an intensive program. The school’s annual report states that the program costs about $15,000 plus 16 weeks of time commitment, compared to nearly $63,000 for a four-year degree learning the same skills.

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Posted 08.21.2017 - 05:30 pm EDT